Bangaloreans are complaining it has not stopped raining in the city. The city experiences brief showers everyday. But I am not complaining. It is pleasant even in the afternoons. I really don’t mind the rains so much.

I walked around the Gandhi Bazaar area today. My father had recommended Vidyarthi Bhavan, where he used to hang around in his younger days. Vidyarthi Bhavan is famous for its masala dosa. I met the owner’s son, Arun a telecom engineer who has worked for almost 10 years with BPL and Reliance Infocomm. Right now, he is working full time at the restaurant, assisting his father with the business.

His friend dropped by at the restaurant as we were chatting. He works in Intel currently, Arun told me. The decision to switch from a telecom company to the restaurant biz must’ve been difficult, I expect. He admitted he would have earned much more had he continued with the job… but is very much satisfied with his current job. It was really good chatting with him.

Next I moved to VV Puram the place where my father grew up. Bought ¼ kilo coffee from Vasantha Coffee Works. This place existed even when my father was small. I mentioned this to the manager, who immediately warmed up to me. A brief chat later I left… having made a new friend in the area.

Next stop, VB Bakery. Right opposite VB Bakery is a worn down building, where my father grew up. As I gazed at the building a thought struck me: “One day I will buy this place and build a house there”. Nah… too filmy a thought for my taste. My father, I am sure, will find the idea ridiculous.

My father would steal out of the house to buy bun from VB Bakery. A small thing by today’s standard. But you have to remember that back then most of today’s middle-class, upper middle-class and even rich families were very poor. You should hear my father describe the experience – the bun tastes twice as tasty.

Though I have visited this area only twice, I feel a familiarity in this area. Even today I spoke to those shopkeepers like I had always known them. I know… it is only me. Perhaps the shopkeeper doesn’t care. Maybe he does. I don’t care… I am basking in the glow of nostalgia.

P.S. Photos coming up once I reach Mumbai… which will be day after tomorrow


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