I was caught day before yesterday at Borivali station. My offence: crossing the railway tracks. The policeman, though, let me off with a warning: “Don’t you know thousand people die on tracks? I am explaining these things to you. Next time some other policeman will put you in jail.”

I wanted to point out to the policeman that trains terminate at Borivali, and no train could possibly pass at the place I was crossing the tracks. But there is a saying, “Never argue with a policeman and your spouse”. You may win the argument but still end up in trouble. Interetingly, while I was talking to the policeman, other people went on crossing the tracks without getting booked.

But I really don’t want to crticise the police too much, because though the policeman was a bit selective in giving it, the advice was a good one nonetheless. So what if I am at the recieving end. 

Kudos to the police!


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