Why I will always shop at the baniya store…

I have shifted to my Andheri house as my parents have gone on a 10-day vacation. The first thing I did (after setting up the PC, of course) was head out to buy groceries.

I decided to go to Food World. Now, I sympathise with owners of mom-n-pop stores and normally would have gone to Satyam. But I wanted cut veggies which, unfortunately, none of normal vegetable vendors sell.

My friend, who I met on the way, informed me that a Reliance Fresh (RF)outlet had opened just around the corner. So, I went to RF, instead.


Now, after experiencing the latest retail outlet chain in India, I have decided to stick to Satyam for groceries and Anna for vegetables. No, not because of my half-baked ideology. There are practical reasons for it.

1. I have an association with Satyam: The owner knows me, my parents, my brother and bhabhi. The smile he gives is warm and genuine. Ditto for Choice Centre (the mom-n-pop store I buy stuff from in Borivali) where I am still building an association. Yes, that is an important thing for me.

2. Home delivery: Satyam and Choice Centre deliver goods to my home.

3. The rush: Try shopping at evenings at any retail outlet and you’ll know what a nightmare it is (I shudder when I think of the rush on weekends).

4. Retail outlets are ergonomically challenged: This has a bit to do with the rush. But you do have to jostle a lot while shopping. Doing that with around 5kg weight in your hand is painful.

5. Too many offers: I hate all the offers these guys give me. I mean why the hell should I be made to think of 1kg free atta when all I want is juice? Agreed, a lot of people would jump at such offers. But I don’t. Period.


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