A couple of more reason to shop at the baniya store…

Yesterday, I went back to Reliance Fresh store to buy cut veggies (only cut veggies). There was a lady walking in front of me as I stepped in.

“Ma’m you want atta? Ma’m atta?There is a discount.
The lady kept walking.
“Ma’m rice? There is oil free with it… Rice Ma’m?”
The lady kept walking paying no attention.

Later when I was at the billing counter, the lady asked me,
“Are you a member of Reliance Fresh?”
“No,” I answered.
The lady just took a card on her desk and swiped it.
“I don’t want to be a member!”

Aren’t these supposed to ask me first whether I want whatever it is that they are offering? And I thought ‘Customer is king’ is the mahamantra of capitalism. In Reliance Fresh the salesmen are using me and other customers as a means to achieve the all-important ‘target’. This by itself is not a bad thing. But here they were trying to force something down my throat.

The only reason why I perhaps would go back to the store is to buy cut veggies (as mentioned before)… Nothing more.


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