For argument’s sake

Recently, I had a discussion with one of my colleagues about arguments. He was of the opinion that when you are arguing, after a while it’s just better to stop talking and listen to what the person has to say. He told me that some of his friends did not agree with his point of view, and felt that it is important that he hold forth his views.

I was reminded of a sentence I read in Paul Theroux’s book, The Elephanta Suite — ‘In India, you really couldn’t say anything that hadn’t been said before.’

And that’s my reply to all those in favour of arguments. ‘Dravid’s a loser’ has been said before, and so has, ‘Dravid is Mr Cool’. There is no end to it. Arguments are always at the risk of becoming an excercise in exerting your ego. After a point of time, it’s not the topic and the truth that lies at the heart of the argument that matters — defending you stand becomes the most important thing.

Am I giving a sermon sitting on top of a white elephant? Absolutely not. As my friends and relatives will assert most incessantly (no point arguing that) I am the worst offender in this respect. I enjoy arguments (until I realise it has turned into an ego slug-fest), but I have realised that there’s no deep meaning in it. Just plain time-pass.


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