Last week seemed like a film festival

Saw four movies last week. Brief thoughts on each one:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Didn’t live up to the hype. Yup, the acting’s good, the story interesting… but the narrative is a tad slow. The movie has a Forrest Gumpish feel to it — but Forrest had way better and interesting experiences than Benjamin. Of course Benjamin is interesting from the birth itself (you know, since he is born old n all). What I found most thought provoking though is that just as aging ain’t easy (many find it terrifying), growing young too isn’t that different.Taraji Henson’s acting is the best according to me.

Pink Panther 2: Lots of funny sequences held together by a loose script. Great actors like Andy Garcia and Jean Reno completely wasted. Absolutely no mystery in the script. Oh and Aish’s performance is horrible. She anyway doesn’t have much of a role to play and she couldn’t pull that off too.

Pineapple Express: We wanted to see Milk, but couldn’t reach the cinema in time thanks to the traffic. Instead we decided to get together at a colleague’s house and rented a DVD. And the DVD guy’s recommedation Pineapple Express turned out to be great. Starring Seth Rogen and James Franco it is one of the best junkie movie I’ve seen. Lemme not say anything more, but here’s a dialogue in the movie where James Franco (the seller) is describing pineapple express (a type of marijuana) to Seth Rogen (the buyer):

“This is like if that Blue Oyster shit met that African Kush I had – and they had a baby. And then, meanwhile, that crazy Northern Light stuff I had and the Super Red Espresso Snowflake met and had a baby. And by some miracle, those two babies met and fucked – this would the shit that they birthed.”

Milk: How does one act without moving any part of the body… just with eyes? Well, you gotta watch Sean Penn in Milk to find out. His acting is just sublime. Otherwise is film is ok. But watch this one for Sean Penn.


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