The funniest Bollywood villain names

Colonel Chikara
Rami Reddy
Colonel Chikara is dangerous, but not very smart. Any self-respecting villain would have applied for a name change. Then there’s his uniform. A black-coloured uniform in the sweltering Indian heat? This man is deranged. Chikara also has this weird soundtrack around him. It is like the call of an animal that is a spawn of a hyena and a crow. He also repeats himself: “I am a king without a kingdom. Chikara samrat hai, par uske paas samrajya nahin haiSamrajya haasil karne ke liye mujhe chaiye Krypton bomb. Krypton bomb. Krypton bomb woh takat hai jisse duniya ki koi takat takra nahin sakti.”

Mukesh Rishi
A man with a sword stuck in his stomach is running. This man is brave and he is determined to live, and perhaps he will. But then he meets his boss who says, “Mera naam hai Bulla, rakhta hoon khulla.” Unable to hear such dialogues the man dies. And with him the audience dies… of laughter, that is. Seriously, with a name like Bulla we wouldn’t be so proud. Anyway, Bulla is ferocious to all but his brother Chutiya, who is the only one who calls his elder brother “Bulli, kahan hai teri ungli.” Too bad Bulla has to see his brother killed and sister raped in the story.

Pralaynath Gendaswamy
Dilip Shirke
Pralaynath Gendaswamy knows that his name exudes death and destruction like all good villain names must. His wants to become India’s supreme leader by deploying missiles aptly named Pralay 1, Pralay 2, Pralay 3, and Pralay 4. He is very meticulous and knows safety comes first – he wears a helmet even while riding a horse. No wonder he is enraged when the hero smokes a pipe in front of his missiles. He snatches it and throws it away only to discover it is a smoke bomb. And all his plans come undone.

General Dong
Amrish Puri
General Dong is the leader of Dongrilla, which lies between India and China. Unlike other villains who make vamps dance, General Dong steps on to the dance floor himself. His choice is a strange fusion of Chinese and Indian folk music. And he loves samosa. That’s why he sings, “Shom Shom Shom Shamosa Sa” Pioneer of the human bomb, when he isn’t singing and dancing, Dong is hypnotising young girls to blow themselves up. The Indian army is sending a team to mess up Dong’s. But what they don’t know is, “Dong kabhi wrong nahin hota”.

Tapasvi Gunjal
Gulshan Grover
In the film Vishwatma, the main villain Azghar Jurhad makes several mistakes. And no, we aren’t talking about the ones that lead him to downfall. We are talking about his son. First he names him Tapasvi Gunjal (are you kidding me). Then he allows him to keep a weird hairdo and colour it blonde. Not to mention the shiny suits to go with the hair. Oh, we wish the list would end here. But, no, Azghar had to fund his son’s flute classes. All this ensures that Gunjal makes a complete ass of himself.


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