Why Donkey?

I am a traveller at heart. And I have observed that you can find donkey and its cousin, the Mule, almost anywhere. Whether it is the coasts, the plains, or the mountains, it is rare not to see a donkey (or a mule) trudge by. So, I decided to name my blog — which was started when I started traveling — Travel Donkey.

Travel Donkey, of course, was tamed about six months later when I took up a job with the Sunday edition of DNA — it was then renamed Donkey in the City and now simply to Donkey Talks, which I feel is the most apt.

At DNA, I write about technology and environment. I try to squeeze in my three passions — photography, cooking and history — somewhere in between the hectic work schedule.

I have made a promise to myself that I will one day get back to traveling. Until then the Donkey signs off from Mumbai. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Why Donkey?

  1. Hey Friend,

    I read few of your post and they all were kind of interesting, Liked the way you observe things.

    Call me if you feel we could make up as good friends, I stay in borivali and i guess you too. My mobile number : +91-9821053938


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