My Work

An engineer by qualification, I took to writing on a whim. I was the editor of our college newsletter, and thought I would give writing a try. Well, I found I enjoyed writing, and till date nothing gives me more joy than communicating ideas to my readers.

As Chief Copy Editor at DNA Sunday, I write features and edit copies for the magazine section. On Saturdays, I work on the front page desk, monitoring news, editing copies and packaging stories. This really is a great combination – we can write in-depth through the week, and on Saturdays experience the thrill of a news day.

Prior to taking up the job at DNA (that is, five and a half years ago), I was travelling in small towns and villages of India. I travelled in northern areas of Karnataka, which isn’t quite on the tourist mark. Yet it was the seat of the Bahamani empire, which broke up into smaller empires that built monuments such as Hyderabad’s famous Char Minar.A chance meeting with an anthropology professor gave me an assignment that took me to three tribal areas of Maharashtra – armed with forms, my job was to assess how centrally-funded schemes were working for the tribals.

My experience as a traveller was in complete contrast with the job I had held till then – I was senior writer at Just Another Magazine, a youth magazine that has now shut down. From fashion to movie spoofs, the range of creative writing I have done at JAM is something unique. Especially compared to my job profile at SEARCH, a B-to-B magazine on the manufacturing industry. But as boring as that sounds, SEARCH is where I learnt the ropes of journalism – right from conducting interviews to proofing pages.

At the time of writing (January 2013), I have nine years of experience in all. And though I didn’t plan it, one of the highlights of my career so far has been the variety of the work I have done. It’s not been pretty, but has been a satisfying journey nonetheless.


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