Aromas of China

When I was growing up in Veera Desai Road (Andheri) around 10 years ago, the nearest affordable restaurant – a Udipi restaurant i.e. – was a good 15-minute walk away. In 10 years the whole locality has transformed economically.We have premium restaurants just a 2-minute walk away from my home. This, in fact, is what I liked the most about BJN group’s restaurant, Aromas of China (AOC).


The parking system looks hi-fi. There are valets, of course. But to facilitate more parking the restaurant has invested in elevated parking bays – which basically means that one car is parked on a platform which can be raise, and another car can be parked below this raised platform.

In terms of ambience this is easily the best Chinese restaurant I have visited. The staff is courteous and helpful. While ordering the main course we ordered two vegetables, rice and noodles. After a minute or two the waiter came back saying that the two vegetables we ordered would taste somewhat the same and suggested a few alteranatives. It was a nice gesture by the chef to infom us about this.

The food is moderately expensive with most dishes well over Rs. 150/- The bill for two vegetables, rice, noodles, 1 soup, and a beer came to Rs. 1300, which I feel is not too bad considering the premium ambience of the place.

The food was good — unlike Mainland China, AOC has managed to find the right balance between the Chinese tongue and Indian tongue. The caterpillars which I had made a mention of in the post on Mainland China made an appearance here too. But the spices added masked their flavour.

The restaurant also has private rooms for 6, 8, and more people. For the 6-people roo you pay a flat rate of Rs. 4500 regardless of what you eat (of course, if the bill comes to more than Rs. 4500 you have to pay the balance). This is ideal for a party to be given to friends.

AOC by far is the best authentic Chinese restaurant I have come across. The ambience, service and taste gel together well for a good complete experience.

Here are the ratings

Food: 3.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Authenticity: 3/5


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